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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MySpace comments : Love Ideas

I cannot forget the day when the two stars aligned, the birds sang for us and the red roses bloomed. But soon the life started to make a turn and the hectic schedule of the real life and the work pressure allowed none of us get time for each other. Even amidst such an awful situation we have always shown our truest affection to each other.

Running out of ideas to show your love and keep the flame of your love burning? There are thousands of inspiring ways to show how much you love him or her this Romance Awareness Month and especially on the Romance Day that is just around the corner.

Wake your loved one gently and start up for the day by having coffee together.
Plan for a long drive together -- away from the daily hectic schedule, cacophony of the business campaigns and official calls.
Together have a delicious lunch alfresco, may be anywhere on an expansive beach with the turquoise ocean sounding and the cool breeze wafting off all your mental stress.
Enjoy the day amidst the wide opened nature together and share all of the romantic thoughts together.
Have a romantic candlelit dinner together and get back home.
End up the day with ever memorable romantic dreams.

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