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Thursday, April 3, 2008

MySpace Fun Comments - American Circus Day

Hey friends! April Fools Day trilled by, showering our lives with a lot of fun and merry-making. Now its time to have fun again - its American Circus Day! Its the day of clowns and party games. Its the day to gather your friends and play the fool. Dress up as a clown, with a red cherry nose, gaudy clothes complete with a flowing cape. Let the drinks flow freely and drown your spirits in the festive tide.

If you are away from your friends, click on these American Circus Day cards and reach out your warm wishes to your friends and family. Let no joyous occasion go uncelebrated! Have fun...

Being A Clown For Ya... Make your friends/family/dear ones laugh with this fun ecard.

Fun 'N Frolic... A cool e-wish for all your friends and loved ones.

Splits Of Laughter... A fun wish for all your friends.

Roaring Fun... Send this fun-filled e-wish to all your friends/loved ones.