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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Generating Traffic from Myspace

Well, this post is not about becoming the next Myspace, but its about how you can build traffic by leveraging the might of Myspace. Infact Myspace has played a key role in the activating many web1.0 websites, and has played a crucial role in integrating web1.0 and web2.0 I came across this fantastic post on how internet companies are harnessing the immense oppurtunity to built quality traffic by feeding the Myspace beast.
The best thing about Myspace is that it provided user generated content. Unlike traditional internet properties Myspace provides an ideal platform to get a mashed up feed from highly unlikely sources .

Last week Forbes looked at the cottage industry around customized
MySpace layouts, if we focus on services and other sources that feed into MySpace via so-called “MySpace codes” and web widgets, we could see the real effects of how Myspace has actually created a big industry in and around itself . Its like what the Auto majors have so succesfully done it in the past, when one manufacterer used to set up a manufacturing base and other auto ancillaries provided them logistics, system and support infrastructure. A search for Myspace layouts on Google shows more than 7 million Search Results .

PhotoBucket,Imageshack and Youtube and 123greetings are a few among them to take advantage of this Myspace Beast. Photobucket gets more than 80% of its trafic due to Myspace . Myspace provides an ideal opportunity for media companies to take their branding to the most happening and crowded place on the internet. Myspace has actually provided companies to leapfrog into viral marketing mode by actually allowing companies to make their users a part of their marketing component. One of the most apparent reasons of popularity of Youtube is that its allows its users to distribute their created content by embedding their codes and making them movable.

What if you cant make the next Myspace? You can generate targetted traffic by being a part of the Myspace and feeding the beast.