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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Myspace Phenomenon

Nothing on the internet has attracted as much eyeballs and curiosity as Myspace.com. This social networking site has managed to revive memories of the hey days of Internet era before the dotcom bust. Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe founded Myspace in 2003 and has never looked back since then. Although the site started out as a place for musicians and artists to connect with one another, it has gradually morphed into an online hot spot, and its popularity now easily dwarfs that of others of its kind. The users, the hardest core being teens and twentysomethings, post profiles and decorate them with photos, music, video clips, blogs, The site is home to more than 2.2 million bands, 8,000 comedians, thousands of filmmakers, well known brands who wants to understand teen Psychology and millions of striving, attention-starved wannabes - 100 million, actually. MySpace passed that number of registered users in early August 2006, and on a typical day, it signs up 230,000 - roughly the population of Scottsdale. A year ago in march 2005 it passed Google in terms of traffic, and now MySpace ranks second to Yahoo in page views, with one billion daily, according to ComScore Media Metrix.

MySpace,is the most popular social networking site and accounts for 82% of traffic in the category, according to Hitwise, a leading Web site tracker. Facebook,Xanga and My Yahoo makes up the rest of the major players.

Myspace began as a social-networking site along the lines of Friendster. That same year, industry-leader Friendster had a major technology setback -- it couldn't keep up with its increased traffic. During peak hours, the site slowed to a crawl, or users just got DNS errors and couldn't access the site at all. Tons of Friendster users got fed up and ended up migrating to MySpace through word-of-mouth, which began with the founders' own friends and MySpace employees, along with some media promotion through Intermix, the company that owned a controlling share in MySpace at the time. When Anderson and DeWolfe noticed that musicians and music fans were utilizing MySpace more than any other single group, they created MySpace Music, and the site's traffic skyrocketed.

MySpace is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. For those who haven't logged on, the site is the online equivalent of your high school lunchroom where you hang out , meet friends, relax and express yourselves. It’s provides a platform for teens and young adults to make themselves heard ,helps them to socialize with like minded friends who understands their Language .In less than two years, MySpace.com has morphed from unadvertised haven for young bards to share their musical talents to a youth-oriented social networking phenomenon with upwards of 32 million registered members. The insight into the young mind has never been so accessible.

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