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Friday, November 24, 2006

Myspace Goes Red On This Thanksgiving

Pete Cashmore reports in mashable that Myspace has got a red background and copious amounts of ads for Project (RED) today. The initiative, backed byU2 singer Bono, aims to promote socially conscious buying - it was also supported by a “roadblock” on MTV today, which included a 90 second (RED) ad.
The project is raising money to distribute anti-viral medications to AIDS victims in Africa by asking people to choose products from brand partners like American Express, Converse, Gap and Motorola, plus (RED) credit cards, phones, shoes and clothes. If you’re a tech addict, you couldn’t have missed the fact that there’s now a red iPod, too. With this media saturation, they’re trying to turn Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the US, into “Red Friday”, they say. MySpace users are encouraged to add the “Join Red” page to their list of friends, and about half a million people already have. In an inspired piece of MySpace marketing, they’re also offering a custom red MySpace layout, plus banners and more bling to decorate your page. You’ll remember that Dasani did a similar thing a few months back, offering custom MySpace layouts with their “Fruit Signs” branding.

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