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Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Fools Day cards - April Fool Day Pranks and history

Ever wondered, why April 1 is called the April Fools Day?What's the relation of April with Fools? Sounds funny but interesting. April Fools Day history is almost known to none of us.Before 16th century, New Year's Day used to be celebrated on April 1,until Pope Gregory changed it to January 1.Many people were still unaware of the change(blame the absence of media back in the 16th century), and they kept celebrating New Years Day on April 1.Others who were aware of the calendar change called them fools and played april fool's day pranks on them. Later these fools were called specifically April Fools. And the rest is history. April 1 is presently the Day for Fools. But ,almost no one is aware of April Fools Day history. How strange?

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