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Sunday, March 30, 2008

MySpace April Fools Comments -- Love On April Fools Day

April Fools Day is the only day in the year that allows you to make fun or pull pranks on anyone and every one you know on this planet. But what about his or her -- the special person in your life? Susan was looking for something really special to pull pranks on her boy friend. I showed her something and I'm going to share these with you guys too. Yes... here are some really adorable love comments designed with thoughtfully comic undertone. These April Fools comments for lovers are the best way to inject the I Love You germs into him or her.

Just let your soul mate how much you love him or her through these funny April Fools comments and April Fools cards. Click away these April Fools Day comments and find some adorable love April Fools Day cards. Send these love ecards to your sweetheart to inject the I Love You virus into him or her; make him or her feel the aura of your presence.

I Love Hugging You... Puzzle your love and fool him/her on this April Fools' Day.
I've Found My True Love... Play a prank on your sweetheart! Surprise him/her with this funny ecard.

Tulips! Send a riddle and flirt with your sweetie... at the same time!
Click For A Sneak Peek! Play a li'l prank on your sweetheart with this cute ecard.

Ape-solutely Funny! Pull a fast one on your sweetheart and wish Happy April Fools' Day!
Cool, Irresistible! Serve up a fun April Fools' wish for your sweetheart.

I'm Hurt... Surprise your sweetheart and watch him/her smile!
Everything Seems Rosy! Act flirty and then play a prank on the object of your affection. We guarantee that he/she will love it!