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Sunday, March 30, 2008

MySpace April Fools Day Comments - April Fools Cards

Some tricky and funny April Fools cards are the only way to convey your loving April Fools Day message and share your April Fools Day jokes with your loved buddies. Make pulling pranks on them this April Fools Day through April Fools Day cards an essence of April Fools Day celebration. Find a wide range of April Fools comments here. Click away these April Fools Day pictures and just find some amazing April Fools Day cards. Send these cards to your friends, family and everyone you know on this planet. I'm sure you can add spirit to their fun.

April Fools Cards For Your Family

A Fabulous Discount Coupon... A smart ecard to play a prank on your family members on April Fools' Day.
A Treasure For You! Wish your family members a million dollar smile with this cute ecard.

Strike The Odd One! A hilarious but harmless prank, we guarantee your family will laugh at!
Check Out The Chicks... Send this ecard to your bro/cousin and fool him with this special dance arranged by you.

Happy April Fools' Day! Share a laugh with your family members and wish them a Happy April Fools' Day!
Pillow Prank! Pull a fast one on your spouse and watch him/her LOL!

Best Bother Award! Play a prank on your bro! Make him laugh out loud!
Sibling Revelry! Share a laugh with your sibling or cousin on April Fools Day!

Pull April Fools Pranks On Friends

Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Let your friends click on this special mirror and have a look at themselves on April Fools' Day.
Choose The Type Of Look You Want! Wish your friends a day 'fool' of fun!

A Friendship Message Book! Play a cool prank on your friend and bring on a big smile!
A Secret Message... A coded message to bluff your friend and wish a Happy Fools' Day.

Priceless Friendship! Pull a fast one on your friend and celebrate your friendship!
Cool, Smart, Brainy! Pull your friend's leg with this funny ecard.

Key To A Great Day! Wish your friend an ape-solutely funny April Fools' Day!
Ape-solutely Perfect Reflection! Share a fun friendship message with your friend!

Respond Them With Some Smart Reply

You Got Me April Fooled? Puzzle the person who has fooled ya on April Fools' Day with this funky ecard.
A Special Gift... Add a punch on your loved one's day and get him/her April Fooled.

Smart Reply! Send a smart answer back to some one who's pulled your leg!
I'll Have My Day Too! A perfect prank to fool someone and make his/her day fool of fun.